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Gibbons, Orlando

1st Bk. Madrigals/Mottets 7 pts only (both clefs)
Our Price: $35.00
Ed. No. VC040B
1st Bk. Madrigals/Mottets, Sc. only
Our Price: $22.00
Ed. No. VC040S
1st Bk. Madrigals/Mottets, Sc/5 pts
Our Price: $43.00
Ed. No. VC040R
Three Fantasias a6 (ttTT, T/B, B)
Our Price: $18.00
Ed. No. VC036
First Book of Madrigals & Mottets a5, sc/7pts
Our Price: $50.00
Ed. No. VC040C
1st Bk. Madrigals/Mottets, 5 pts only (alto clef)
Our Price: $25.00

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